Thursday, April 28, 2016

M A V E N Chronicles - Cyberpunk

For quite some time, I had this idea in my head about a goddess of knowledge, yet I knew that I did not want to place her in a fantasy setting. For some reason, the thought of creating her in a cyberpunk world yet seemed to fit. And so, M A V E N was born back in December of 2015 - the story is on my blog, if you haven't read it yet.

So it was that while listening to Front Line Assembly (the BEST Industrial band evah!) at corporate, that M A V E N returned to my mind. I can never refuse any of my characters.

I hope you enjoy the latest in the M A V E N Chronicles.

Reject the Synthetic.

File name: M A V E N Chronicles

Originator: Alio

Sequence: 2.01.9174

I have nothing to lose because I never took.

She came to me in the form of a wired dream, as so many experience through the Synthetic, yet I had not taken my dosage of pills that night. For once, I wanted to sleep without the constant static, the constant knowing of nothing filling my brain after a full day of unloading and un-remembering. Seek the Synthetic, they say, and Paradise will be yours. I wanted no Paradise. I merely wanted sleep. No static. When I saw her, I noticed that her eyes rolled in every direction in their blackened sockets, taking in the faults of the world. Finally, those eyes landed on my face and stared at me while I felt something warm gently probe my mind.
“You seek something else,” she said in a hollow tone. “That which is above flesh. That which is above the mistake.” I closed my eyes, for fear that they would betray my thoughts, yet I still nodded yes. The probing suddenly stopped, causing me to open my eyes and watch her float away from me. Her ink coloured hair moved on its own around her face; on a closer look, I realized that her hair was nothing more than tiny cords that sought out information. Her eyes were the colour of a dying planet and I felt myself wanting to let go and become mad under those eyes.
“You seek that which is beyond what is so freely and willingly given,” she said in that same hollow tone.
“And what, fair Traveler, will you sacrifice in return?” She cocked her head to the side in an almost attempt of being human. Yet, with her bright white skin with strange designs in black, she was far from it. I knew she was something else. And, she came to me.
“I give up that which holds me back.” She continued to stare at me in silence then moved closer towards me again. I looked down and noticed that she held a syringe filled with a thick bluish green liquid that barely seemed to move. I immediately pushed up my sleeve without question. When her cold lips brushed against my ear, I felt a tiny prick then the blue gave way to black.
When I awoke, gods not knowing, I found myself in a large room that smelled of something long ago. I looked at my arm and saw a single word tattooed in purple – M A V E N.
“You refuse the Synthetic,” said a voice from all around me. “Enter into a world, of this which is of the old mingled with the new.” I closed my eyes and saw pages, many pages, turning before me. The pages were everything I had yet to learn. Suddenly, I heard the words “Ex Libris” directly behind me and then a hand on my shoulder. The tattoo burned.

I reject the Synthetic.

M A V E N.

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