Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Victorus aut Mortis! 600th POST!

From the darkness we strike; fast and lethal, and by the time our foes can react . . . darkness there and nothing more . . . . . 

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Ever since my good friend, Local Celebrity Brian Held, and The One Who Makes Me Smile told me about the world of Warhammer 40K, I have been quite smitten with the grim dark universe. My entry into the 40K universe began with the Eldar and then later the Dark Eldar, yet I still wanted to know more. Several months ago, I applied to become a freelance author for Games Workshop and was given two writing tests. Although I did not make the cut, I still treated that time as a learning experience, especially when it came to one of the writing subjects. For you see, I was introduced to the Raven Guard, one of the many legions of the Space Marines and quite honestly, the BEST legion under the eye of the Emperor. 

In wanting to learn more about the Raven Guard, I picked up the book Sons of Corax by George Mann and dove in. Good lord. By the time I finished the book several days later, I was mentally screaming "For Corax!" and "Victorus aut Mortis!" at everything. For, as it states on the back of the book, The Raven Guard are Space Marines like no other.

While other Space Marine legions are of brutal fighting and facing the enemy head on (like the Brazen Minotaurs), the Raven Guard rely upon shadows and stealth to overcome their enemy. The collection of stories in Sons of Corax presents the Raven Guard in all their black glory as they take on immense rocs to acquire more corvia, do battle with the disciples of Nurgle (one of the chaos gods), and even assist the Brazen Minotaurs in saving their Librarian from the death planet of Kasharat. In short, the Raven Guard kick serious ass from the shadows while the Ravenspire looms from beyond in their minds. 

Mann's writing kept me engrossed from page one to the very end and I actually got mad when I reached the end of the book. As I told a friend, I had begun to form a bond with Shadow Captain Aremis Koryn as I watched him and his fellow Sons of Corax do battle with the forces of Chaos. Mann's writing was tight and filled with action, along with quite nauseating depictions of the disciples of Nurgle and other foes inflicted with plague and rot. Thanks to Mann, you can smell the rotting flesh as it looms over you in an attempt to bring you that much closer to Chaos. The collection of stories is one wild ride through Life and Death with the white skinned and black eyed Raven Guard leading the way.

Although I still consider the Dark Eldar superior in everything (yeah, I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for saying that!), the Raven Guard are a close second, if not equal in the grim darkness. 

For the glory of the Ravenspire!

For Corax!

Victorus aut Mortis!

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