Thursday, March 10, 2016

Paint It Black with . . . . a Jawbone?

It seems that I'm on a book reviewing spree - ready for the third book review in a row?

Let's do this.

First, I want to say, as I have probably said a million times before, John Hartness is the MAN. In the years that I have known him, he has always lived up to the reputation of being a Renaissance Man, not to mention a damn good friend. In fact, it was due to a conversation that he and I had several years ago that led me to take a chance in my writing and seek a new path. Thank you for that conversation, John.

Now . . . Jimmy and Greg have returned as the geeky yet still kick ass vampires in the fourth installment of the Black Knight Chronicles, as published by Bell Bridge Books! In Paint It Black, they are given the task of researching several human jawbones. However, what seems like an ordinary murder investigation turns into a return trip to Faerieland and an introduction to the Goblin Market, the place that normals fear to tread. Yet, Jimmy and Greg along with their associates prove that they are more than up for the task of solving the mystery. Just don't eat the stew!

Hartness recently posted that his publisher extended his contract to write more in the Black Knight Chronicles; I couldn't be happier about that news, because if he keeps cranking them out, I know I'll be reading them. Okay, devouring them, but you get the idea. Every time I read Hartness' books, I can always hear his awesome voice in the background, telling it all as a more than mere witness. Yet, his writing remains fresh and tight and gives just enough for the readers without holding their hand too much. John, for the record, you really had me when you described the scene of Jimmy and Greg tied up in the Goblin Market. Grotesque and glorious! I may have said that Knight Moves was my favourite so far; I take that back. Paint It Black is my favourite in the series. I'll probably change my mind when I read In the Still of the Knight. If you like vampire books with snarky and geeky humour, not to mention that the vampires do NOT look like they came from Twilight or are named Lestat (I'm a BIG fan of Anne Rice, though), then you need to purchase the entire Black Knight Chronicles. Trust me on this one.

And now, seeing as how the title of the book is Paint It Black, I figured I would end this review with some music.

Enjoy, buy Black Knight Chronicles, and EX LIBRIS!

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