Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beware The Panther . . . .

I had the pleasure of meeting author Jay Requard at ConNooga several years ago and since then, have considered him to be a dear friend. After devouring Thief of Shadows– Manwe The Panther Volume One, published by Falstaff Books, he is now “one hell of a writer” as well as a dear friend. Thanks to Requard's mastery in storytelling and my really awesome Kindle Paperwhite, I flew through the collection of stories that have whetted my appetite for more.

Manwe is The Panther, the top of the line when it comes to the art of thievery. He will steal anything deemed possible or impossible to claim and will do it without even a second thought. He is not only agile and swift on his feet but also deadly when it comes to “removing” an obstruction in his path. The three stories, The Gem of AcitusA Light in the Dark, and By The Tears, do not disappoint as we are introduced to the life of The Panther. His world is filled with treacherous sorcerers, deities that promote endless sexual fulfillment, creatures of myth and legend thought long forgotten, and above all else, a man who lives, and surprisingly loves, by no rules (great job on writing about his love life, Jay!)

The story collection  will more than provide a reader with great action scenes in a fantasy of a Jungle/Eastern setting. The stories feel as though Requard has visited these places firsthand; the details are simply divine. Requard writes with such passion that I am happy to say that he has claimed me as a fan. If you have a Kindle and want something that will pump your blood with excitement and wonder, get a copy of Thief of Shadows today!


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Alannada said...

Sounds really cool, I will add this to my list of the things I need to read:D