Saturday, March 12, 2016

~A Taste of Ethiopia in Memphis~

Four hours later and I'm still full from my lunch at Blue Nile Ethiopian Kitchen, located right here in Memphis, yet the pain is well worth it. Although I'm no restaurant critic by any means, I felt the need to talk about my experience today so that hopefully, others will visit the establishment. And, for the record for all my out of town friends: if you ever visit Memphis, I will be taking you here for lunch and/or dinner. That is a promise.

When I walked into the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was the music - Dave Brubeck's Take Five, one of my favourite jazz pieces. In fact, here is a live clip of the quartet performing that piece:

In any case, the interior of the restaurant was colourful and welcoming as I sat down and prepared myself for what would be a most delicious lunch. After ordering a cup of Ethiopian Spice Tea (I just looked up the recipe and will definitely make it!), I soon decided to try the Yebaeg Wat with a side of cabbage and collard greens. Yebaeg Wat is a lamb stew that is served with Ethiopian flatbread injera. I barely had enough time to read several pages from my book and take photos before I had my lunch in front of me.

Not many people know this, but when I first tried Ethiopian food several years ago, I initially thought that the flatbread was my napkin. Yeah, I'm real swift. Anyway. As much as I tried to use my utensils, I instead tore off pieces of the flatbread and scooped up my food with as much dignity as I could muster. However, since I was really hungry . . . . .

If you happen to visit Memphis soon or live here, you owe it to yourself to visit Blue Nile, The prices are reasonable, the food selection is quite varied, and although I've only had three of their items, I know that the rest will be just as good when I return very soon. They have takeout too!

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