Saturday, February 6, 2016

Of Decadence and Nikola Tesla

As many of you know, I love studying the Decadent Movement - that time when nothing was forbidden and that which was fake was adored as real. Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley, and many other famous artists, authors, gentlemen and ladies, and other seekers of pleasure made this movement one that will never be forgotten. So, it seemed as though Fate decided to have fun with me during my initial meeting with fellow author Sean Hoade at Wizard World New Orleans. As you recall, he was the author of that delightful Cthulhu novel that had me soon speaking as one of the Believers. Within several minutes, we realized that we were both "students" of the Decadent Movement. We became fast friends and even better conversationalists a la Messenger. When he announced that his first Penny Dreadful was about to be released, I knew I had to have it. After all, as he told me at Wizard World, it was going to be about Nikola Tesla.

Enter Nikola Tesla vs. The Daylight Vampires! - yes, you can click here to order the book!

I read the story in one day (okay, several hours) and immediately wanted to read more about Tesla. The story is thus: While in New York City, Tesla is approached by a hulking young man who wants his money, of which Tesla deftly bypasses with wit and his silver tipped cane. However, all is not what it appears to be, and suddenly Tesla must push aside the world of science and hard core facts and replace it with the world of the supernatural. I am utterly convinced that between Hoade's depiction of Tesla and THE Rob Cerio's depiction of Tesla lies the truth - yes, he was just that awesome of a man.

Hoade writes with such conviction (and grand OldTypewriter font!) regarding Tesla that I eagerly await his next Tesla book that should be out in March! If you are looking for a well written great short story regarding one of the greatest minds of all time, grab a copy today. Sean will even autograph it for you!

Thank you, Sean!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you indeed for your kind (and accurate) words about my Tesla penny dreadful! The true Decadence is explored in my second PD, which you shall receive soon.

An important clarification: With the Decadents, the artificial was celebrated OVER the natural (or real), not AS the real. With the natural is sickness, death, suffering -- so it must go. Artifice then becomes that which is worth celebrating.

Their highest praise, however, was reserved for those natural things that SEEMED artificial -- the most famous example being the actual hothouse orchid that was bred to make it look as if it were made of colored glass. The Decadents themselves, after all, were human beings, which are natural; but they dressed and acted in manners with as much artifice as possible. It was, and is, a delectable perversion of traditional aesthetics.