Thursday, January 14, 2016

Simple and Whatever - NEW TEA BLEND

Sometimes, it pays to be simple.

So far, the tea blends at Viridian Tea Company have been a labour of love, one that I hope to continue as long as possible. However, thanks to a suggestion made by my publisher at Dark Oak Press, Allan Gilbreath, aka The Honey Badger, I have a new blend that is simple in ingredients and taste. Thanks to the One Who Makes Me Smile, the name of the blend is Simply Whatever Tea.

The ingredients are green tea and hibiscus. That's it. Nothing else. It's simply whatever.

If this blends goes over well, I want to make more blends like this, giving people the option to enjoy either a cup of creativity or a cup of simple. And, what better way to enjoy a cup of Simply Whatever tea than to kick back with a good book and tons of blankets?

This blends, like all my other blends, will be sold on my Etsy store, ViridianTeaCompany, as well as IONS: A Geek Gallery, and possibly a NEW location that will be confirmed very soon!

In the meantime - 


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