Friday, January 22, 2016

Pulp Lives On (NEW TEA BLEND)

(photograph by Kimberly B. Richardson, copyright 2014; model - Tommy Hancock)

Listening to Turkish pop music on a Friday night. Yeah, baby!

I'm also excited to release my new newest blend in the Viridian Tea Company family:


Now, before any of you give me a weird look, let me explain the story behind this blend . . .

(photography by Kimberly B. Richardson, copyright 2014; models - Tommy Hancock and Jean Marie Sheridan)

Since being an author for Pro Se Press and creating the Agnes Viridian series and the coming soon Order of the Black Silk series, I wanted to take it a step further. So, after asking Tommy Hancock, aka, The Wan With The Fedora, I received the green light to create a tea blend for the publishing company. Enjoy a cup of PULP Tea and drift back to a time when men wore fedoras and took the case, femme fatales could shut down an entire room with just one look, and noir was the rage!

The tea was as black as the dress she wore when she walked into my office on that rainy night. Her lips were redder than the finest cherries in all of the city, and her hair smelled fresh and clean, like vanilla. I could tell that she was an innocent, but that given the right circumstances, she could be a minx when heated up.
"I was told that only you could save me," she said as a single tear fell down her face. I wasn't sure if she was truly upset or just pulling my chain, but I wasn't going to take any chances. I slid my box of Kleenex towards her and she took one, only one. She dabbed at her perfect face while her eyes remained focused on my face. Oh yes, I thought as she lowered the Kleenex, she was truly upset.

How wrong I was. . . . . 

The blend, like all the others, will be available at IONS: A Geek Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee, my Etsy store, ViridianTeaCompany, and whatever conventions I attend. Also, if you want to order straight from me, I also accept PayPal!

Much thanks to Pro Se Press and Tommy Hancock!

BLACK PULP and The Pulptress are just of many fine books offered by Pro Se Press. Check them out if you need more Pulp in your life!

(photograph by Kimberly B. Richardson, copyright 2014; model - Jean Marie Sheridan)

Happy Cups!

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Stephanie Osborn said...

Please please PLEASE make some of your blends decaf! I want to try them so bad, and I have three different medical conditions that prevent me from consuming caffeine...