Saturday, January 16, 2016

Of Goggles and Airships - NEW TEA BLEND!

Let's face it: Steampunk is still hot.

Whenever people ask me what I think is Steampunk, my response is thus:

The STEAM part is the historical part - from mid 1800s to about the First World War. We already know about the technological advances, exploration, decadence, literature, et al regarding the "Victorian" period. The PUNK part is what if we took what we knew of such a time and pushed the envelope - create "what ifs". One woman defying her "role" in her world to make a change; a man who tries to be God and ultimately pays a heavy price; a chance to create, destroy, and possibly learn.

One aspect of Steampunk that I do enjoy is the TEA aspect - tea, tea, tea! Specialized tea cups, contraptions to keep a proper cup of tea hot and tasty, and (in an historical sense) the story of how tea finally arrived in the West (read the book For all The Tea in China!). Thanks to my never-ending imagination, I decided to throw my bowler hat into the ring and create a blend as a nod to Steampunk.

May I introduce to you - Dreams of Steam Tea Blend!

This blend of assam tea, dried ginger root, fennel, and dried orange peel is the perfect combination to accompany a nice book, or perhaps a jaunt through uncharted territory with a well worn map, or drink while creating a machine to replace burned skin with pages from a book (my story "Peau" in Tales From a Goth Librarian!)

Black goggles, a cup of tea, and a copy of the anthology Dreams of Steam, published through Dark Oak Press. Sounds like a great night to me.  

 Once you've finished Dreams of Steam, why not try out the second anthology - Brass and Bolts 
(I have affectionately called this anthology The Bloody One!)

 I've got to take better care of my bowler hat!

 As many of you know, I love researching the Decadence period. The Yellow Book was seen a clear symbol of those who followed such rapscallions as Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley, and other authors, actors, musicians, and creative souls. To be seen with a copy of the Yellow Book was a sign that you were "demented". How lovely!

The tea will be for sale at IONS: A Geek Gallery and my Etsy store, ViridianTeaCompany


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