Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu m'glhal! (I have no idea what I'm saying . . . . )

Meeting author Sean Hoade at Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans was like meeting my long lost literary brother; he asked me my thoughts regarding The Force Awakens when he saw my Kylo Ren shirt. Five minutes later, I was engrossed in his books, especially Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear. Ten minutes later, we discovered our mutual respect for the Decadence period, The Yellow Book, and even the book Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans. In short, I found a friend who is, quite simply, one awesome dude.

Now, let me make this very clear: I don't know that much about Cthulhu, except from what my friends have told me. However, I do have respect for the Elder God in that he (she? IT?) is so well loved; his tentacled face is on shirts, books, artwork, even puppets - I had one years ago. However, I claimed ignorance in reading any stories regarding Cthulhu . . . except now. After reading Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear, the mild interest has now turned into my usual level of "research a topic until there is no more life in it". Or something.

Sean Hoade, a former professor, has answered a very basic question: what would Humanity do if Cthulhu woke up? Would we unite as one against such an entity, or run screaming mad as the blood flowed from our mouths, ears, and eyes? Would people even take such a threat seriously? Hoade's "answer" to those questions are so realistic that at times, I really began to wonder if perhaps I needed to move a bit North. It is obvious from the book that he loves Cthulhu, as well as other literary, scientific, and geek subjects, yet he blends them so well into his novel that it all just seems to work.

If you are either a well versed scholar on all things Cthulhu or a novice like myself, you need a copy of Cthulhu Attacks! The only negative thing I do have to say about the book is that the second one is not out. Yet. Oh well, I have plenty of other books to read. Plenty. Overall, a job well done and I look forward to reading more of his work. On a serious note: Sean, I'm glad your wife is doing well.

Finally, I figured I would throw in some photos of my Cthulhu art, as done by my friend and talented artist, Mark Helwig.  I actually have one wall dedicated to his work - The Mark Helwig wing, of course! What that man has done with Cthulhu through the years has both made me laugh and cringe a bit. 

Anyway, enjoy the photos and EX LIBRIS!

 I was in the middle of the conversation that gave birth to this piece - that year of Dragon Con was a lot of fun!)

(This one is my all time fav of his. LOVE IT!)

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