Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Way of the Assassin

Meet Brandon. He's behind in rent, his boss hates him, and has recently become the laughing stock of his job due to receiving payment in the form of carrots. Meet Agkistrodon, an assassin with Assassins Incorporated, the top organization for all things murder and stealth. He's not seen as too threatening and completely pales in comparison to Naja Ashei, the top assassin in the company. He just can't seem to get ahead in life. However, when a top paying hit is sent through Assassins Incorporated, Agkistrodon jumps at the chance of going full steam on it.

Only one problem: the target is Brandon. And that just happens to be Agkistrodon.

Welcome to Assassins Incorporated, the awesome and action packed book by author Phillip Drayer Duncan, published at Yard Dog Press. This slim book is packed to the gills with action, sci-fi tech, cold blooded murder, and humour! Agkistrodon/Brandon must find a way out of his ever deepening mess, all the while realizing that blood is truly thicker than water and that a phone call every so often wouldn't hurt. Duncan has wonderfully mixed sci-fi, humour, action, and well developed characters to create a book that will surely give enough pleasure on a lazy afternoon fit for reading. The length of the book was perfect for the story and for the "resolution" to the central situation, all the while riding high on a wave of humour.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Duncan at Geekonomicon and at Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention; he is a delight on panels and funny as hell.

If you ever see him at a future con, ask him about being a brontosaurus.


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