Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Face of a Geek Photo Shoot - Inaugural!

Last year, I decided to do the photo shoot The Hands of Art - my way of giving praise to those who use their hands for many creative endeavours. Although the ongoing photo shoot was a success, I wanted to do something else, something new. When I began following the site Humans of New York, an idea came to mind. The site is simple: a man with his camera takes photos of the people of New York (and now other countries!) and tells their compelling stories to the world. I loved the site so much that I wanted to do something similar yet with a geek/alternative/whatever edge. And so, The Face of a Geek was born!

Geeks are everywhere. We do almost every kind of job on the planet, yet most people who live outside of the fandom world would never guess that their next door neighbour, co-worker, or even boyfriend/girlfriend was a geek. Many people know of my Geek roots and I'm not ashamed to show them. The Face of a Geek is my way of saying - be proud of who (and what) you are. Never hide. Never be ashamed.

If you are interested in being a part of this ongoing photo shoot, send an email to: and let's converse. 

Much love and thanks to my buddy, Alissa. Also much love to Bluff City Coffee for allowing us to begin this new road in their awesome coffee joint!


Alissa Brielle - Manager of IONS: A Geek Gallery, Co-Programming Coordinator of Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, and coffee addict

"My dad got me into fandom; he's been a nerd all his life. We were raised on Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, all of it. We owned the VHS tapes for Star Wars."

"My faith is important to me; my faith in God brought me through many struggles in my life. It kept me going in life and in my fandom."

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