Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Face of a Geek - Jeremy

Jeremy - Fire Protection Engineer

"My step father was a big geek - theatre arts in college, set design, makeup, and painted Warhammer figures. For my eleventh birthday, he got me the Batman Knightfall series - that ignited the world of Batman for me."

"I've been in fandom most of my life: Batman comic books, anything superhero related, and I had a wall of X-Men and Batman toys. I had series and series of Spawn figures. Any movies that were out I just ate them up."

"I've only been to Wizard World in Chicago once. I was thirty when I attended my first Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention. I was in a small town in central Illinois before moving to Memphis. I met an old friend in Memphis who wanted to buy an old Batman cowl from me. He told me about MCFC - he dressed up as Bane and I dressed up as Batman for the convention."

"Cause Play Memphis was started as a non profit organization in February: we dress up as super heroes, Disney Princesses, and Disney Princes and do events at Ronald McDonald House, LeBonheur, Target House. We go visit the kids who probably need a smile and give them a smile."

A side note - after we finished the interview, Jeremy informed me that his wife thinks that he's actually trying to become Batman! I was super impressed when Jeremy said that he knew several forms of martial arts, yet stated for the record that he's a DC Universe fan and "has not read a ton of Moon Knight comics". I told him that I would let it go for now.

Thank you, Jeremy, for wanting to be a part of this photo shoot and thanks to Republic Coffee for letting us do this interview in their coffee joint. Salut!

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