Monday, December 21, 2015

Of Trains, Hobos, and Johnnycakes!

Thanks to waking up at 2:23am on Sunday (I guess I was just excited to see The Force Awakens!), I decided to read a book until I fell asleep again. If you ever find yourself the recipient of insomnia, reading a book, exercising, or cleaning up your house/apartment/whatever are great ways of handling that. I suffer from I-have-a-lot-of-books-yet-I-don't-know-what-to-read itis, of which was quickly cured by picking up the book Crossings, the second book in the Steel Roots Series by J. L. Mulvihill, published by Seventh Star Press. By 4am, my eyes grew heavy and I had read over 100 pages.

Crossings picks up the story that The Boxcar Baby left off - AB'Gail, daughter of Bishop Steel, is still searching for her papa in Alternative History America that has a Steampunk flavour to it. With every person that she meets, she learns quickly whether to trust them or not, all the while enjoying the companionship of Boots, the more-than-a-cat cat. No trolls this time, yet there are more than enough people in the book ready to do harm to her. The System, overall mastermind of America, is now considering both her and her father as fugitives, so AB'Gail must stay several steps ahead of the metal fist powered by steam and broken human dreams.

Mulvihill continues her page turning writing ability in Crossings and the second book does not disappoint. In fact, I found myself finishing the book yesterday and ready to get to the next book. She is a gifted author with a vast imagination and it shows in this series. However, Mulvihill's writing also has a nice dash of the macabre, just enough to make the Steel Roots series terrifying, adventurous, and just a damn good read.

Thanks Jen, and see you soon!


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