Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Of the Dead, Good Sir . . .

A Plunder of Souls is the third book in the Thieftaker Chronicles by author D. B. Jackson, also known as David B. Coe and quite honestly, the best book thus far. The series is a wonderful blend of mystery, humour, romance, history, horror, and fantasy, giving the reader more than normally expected in a book. Ethan Kaille, beloved thieftaker and conjurer, is hired by several ministers to discover the reason of a most upsetting discovery: several graves in many of the cemeteries are horribly desecrated. The heads, right hand, and three toes from the left foot have been removed from the corpses. Someone has also carved strange marks on their chests and removed a piece of clothing from the coffins. As smallpox ravages through Boston, the dead are no longer seen as the “final” stage of rest, causing the living to be fearful of those who have passed on. As Ethan races (and limps) through Pre-Revolutionary Boston, he discovers the line between the living and the dead will become an aqua coloured mass of danger and revenge.

Jackson's usual flair for enthralling his readers is quite apparent in A Plunder of Souls; in fact, he seems to have raised the bar much higher than before. Although I purchased my copy of the book at ConNooga, it took no time for me to return to the familiar streets, the smells of fish chowder and good ale, and cold as ice Sephira Pryce and her henchmen. It felt good to return to Boston and be with Ethan as he solved the latest “mystery” while barely clinging to his life.

Just for record, and I hope my friend David is reading this – Will You Please Make Ethan Ask Kannice To Marry Him?

Okay, I feel much better now. Back to the review.

I know that I am being redundant whenever I review Jackson's books, yet I can't help myself. The Thieftaker Chronicles has something for every kind of reader with that little extra that is Jackson's  masterful writing. I look forward to picking up the next book when I see my dear friend at ConNooga 2016!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Kimberly. You are going to love the fourth book, DEAD MAN'S REACH, for many, many reasons....