Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Trio of New Teas from Viridian Tea Company!

With Star Wars Episode Two going on in the background, I've been hard at work finishing up the latest blends of Viridian Tea Company!

Here we go!

Blend One - Tubby and Coo's Tea

(Book - Guignol by Brett Schwaner and illustrated by Keith Hogan)

If you have ever been to New Orleans, then hopefully you have visited the awesome Tubby and Coo's Mid City Book Shop! They have tons of books, geeky and bookish items, plus games galore! During one of my many brain storms, I wondered if Candice (the owner) would be interested in a tea specially made for her store. She said YES, gave me a good direction to start, and the rest is history!

Tubby and Coo's blend is a delightful mixture of assam (black) tea, bergamot, lemon balm, and lavender! As the label states, the tea tastes great with a book! This blend will be sold exclusively at Tubby and Coo's; I'll be shipping out their first batch very soon, so be on the lookout for it!

Blend Two - Bohemian Tea

I'm honestly a Bohemian at heart . . okay, a DARK one. During one of my never ending brain storms, I decided to create a blend that would uplift and inspire the wanderer in all of us. The being that will travel anywhere, see everything, and simply live outside of the lines.

Bohemian tea is a groovy mix of green tea, peppermint, rosemary, and chamomile.

Blend Three - Endymion Tea

If you know your Greek mythology, Endymion was a beautiful shepherd who caught the eye of Selene, the Moon. While my tea can't guarantee finding your special love, this herbal blend of hibiscus, chamomile, lavender, rose petals, and peppermint will soothe and softly take your stress away.

Jewelry by my good friends Back to Earth Creations!

Endymion and Bohemian Teas will be sold at my Etsy store, ViridianTeaCompany, IONS Geek Gallery, and Woodruff Fontaine House, as well as any conventions that I attend. As stated before, Tubby and Coo's will be sold ONLY at their store. Support local businesses!

Now it's time to clean up. Wow.


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