Saturday, December 19, 2015

A New Pulp Hero with High Heels!

Thanks to Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and the face of Pro Se Press, my knowledge regarding New Pulp has grown significantly. Dashing masked men who serve justice to the scum of their city, or perhaps a woman shrouded in mystery who wears high heels when she's kicking ass. The Pulptress, a collection of short stories through Pro Se Press, is right up your alley if you need that Pulp fix. Showcasing the talent of Tommy Hancock, Terry Alexander, Ron Fortier, Erwin K. Roberts, and Andrea Judy, the Pulptress is one woman with many personalities and even lives. She is everywhere and everyone, yet she is one thing: a crime fighter. Each story tells a different tale regarding the Pulptress and her latest battle, and every time she hands out justice in the form of quick wit, sharp moves, and high heel shoes.

I still can't get over the fact that she wears high heels while fighting crime. That's kinda awesome.

The book is a quick read yet will leave you wanting more; in fact, I read this book at the wrong time. I had read Andrea Judy's book The Pulptress vs. The Bone Queen: Blood and Bone before reading The Pulptress. Please check out my review of her book in my blog! Judy's story in The Pulptress has a nice set up to what occurs in her stand alone book, yet I was still able to follow the events because Judy is just that talented of an author. Not to mention one of my closest friends.

The Pulptress is a great holiday gift for that special person in your life, even if that person if yourself!

Merry PULPmas!


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