Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To Kill For a Smoke . . .

Rather than spend tonight editing a novella, I instead sat wrapped in a blanket on the couch and watched a film that I had waited years to view. This past weekend was Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, a weekend filled with geek chic, ultimate cosplayers, and much fun. It was also the weekend when I finally talked with all around creative Memphian Mike McCarthy, the director of the film Cigarette Girl. After talking with him for several minutes, I purchased my copy of the film, to which he signed it and added ultra cool swag then informed me that the soundtrack was included in the DVD package. 

This film, set entirely in Memphis, tells the story of the world in the year 2035. Smoking has become such a stigma on society that cities now have "Smoking Sections", an attempt at keeping the nicotine addicts away from the rest of the city. Cigarette Girl, the heroine of the story, lives with her ailing grandmother in the Smoking Section and works at the big smoking club selling cigarettes. However, due to the death of her grandmother, losing her job, and getting evicted, Cigarette Girl goes from helpless addict to a gun toting kick ass. In short, she would kill for a smoke.

As I watched the film, I tried to figure out all of the Memphis locations of the Smoking Section and even grinned when I recognized several of the actors. The Smoking Section is a dark and dystopian Wonderland, filled with every desire readily available that comes with a heavy price. Due to smoking cigarettes, one feels trapped in the desolate area, yet all it takes to leave is one car or bus ride out, provided that the addiction has not completely overtaken you. The inhabitants of the Smoking Section live from day to day and they are not afraid to do whatever they need to do to get that next "fix". I even liked how the film portrayed Cigarette Girl's own "addiction" that was also her dark motivation. If you like cutting edge films with "doom jazz" (I just learned about this style today!) soundtracks, then Cigarette Girl is for you. 

Wouldn't you just kill for a smoke . . . . . 

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