Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Artist's Studio - photography

This past Friday was the Broad Avenue Arts District Fall Art Walk and a grand time was had by all. Good music, art, and people supporting one of the many art districts in Memphis has always been an excellent mixture. Several of the folks from IONS: A Geek Gallery set up shop in the studio of the very talented artist (and friend) Adam Benet Shaw; after some time had passed, I asked Adam if I could take photos of his studio. He said yes and the rest is history. Many of Adam's pieces are at IONS and they are well worth the view and purchase!

I hope you enjoy the photos and thank you again, Adam! I hope your wife likes The Decembrists!

Oh yeah, I have been introduced to the band The Orange Mighty Trio; if you like quirky instrumental work that is good background music for reading, pursuing creative endeavours, or just because, give them a listen. In fact, I'm listening to them while writing this post. Quite quirky.

Final note: all photos I have posted are for sale. Send an email to if interested. Thanks!

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