Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To Know New Orleans is to Love Her . . . .

Let's face it.

New Orleans is one of the most mysterious, eclectic, adventurous, decadent, etc. etc cities in the United States.

Although Memphis has my heart, New Orleans has my soul. That's why I was more than excited to read the book The Casquette Girls by author Alys Arden. Thanks to the lovely store Boutique du Vampyre on St. Ann Street in the French Quarter, I was able to purchase a copy of this book. If you enjoy a good novel filled with believable characters, magick, history, and romance that is written by a strong voiced author, The Casquette Girls is for you.

Adele Le Moyne, the novel's heroine, returns to New Orleans after the Storm of the Century, and finds that her comfortable world has been turned upside down. Yet, her life becomes intertwined with the supernatural, history come alive once more, and a long forgotten diary that is the key to who and rather what she is.

I was first introduced to the history of the Casquette Girls several months ago while on a tour of the Quarter through Haunted History Tours (hi, Kalila!). Their haunting story gave me enough of a reason to purchase Arden's book the next day and it was well worth it. Even if you've never visited the Big Easy before, you'll come to love Her as much as everyone else does. New Orleans is a powerful and beautiful city and The Casquette Girls reflects that. In fact, I'll be heading down there for Contraflow in about three weeks!

Thank you, Alys, for writing such an amazing book. Thank you for adding your voice to such a city.


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