Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Shadows of October

I love discovering comic books and graphic novels that are not mainstream. Reading them is like falling down a really cool rabbit hole in Gothic shadows and philosophic discussions that last for hours, all the while dressed in illustrations that draw you in and refuse to release you. David Mack's Kabuki and Transmetropolitan are but a few, and of course I'm always in the mood to read about a certain Knight of the Moon (grin). However, I was recently introduced to The October Faction through IDW Publishing and, after literally devouring the first graphic novel in one sitting, I can honestly say that I'm hooked.

Meet the Allan family, as it states on the back of the first graphic novel of The October Faction: Frederick and his wife Deloris, and their children Vivian and Geoff. They look like a normal loving family; that is, if you consider The Addams Family or the Munsters to be your kind of "normal". Just enough Gothic and evidently familiar with the supernatural, the Allan family is not your ordinary family. Written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Damien Worm, The October Faction is what you need if you are looking for a delightfully creepy and well written story that is open to many layers. Rather than tell you the plot, I just want you to pick up a copy of the graphic novel or the individual comics and see for yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you . . . .

And, seeing as how Autumn is literally right around the corner with promises of everything pumpkin spice flavour, I thought I'd end this review with some good Gothic music.

Enjoy ~

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