Monday, September 14, 2015

Scandal, French Style!

Every so often, I do enjoy reading about historical scandals. The Profumo affair, for example. So it was that, while during one of my regular visits to the library, that I came across a slender and strange book about a woman I knew nothing about. I read the book in a matter of hours and wanted to know more. La Grand Therese by Hilary Spurling is your answer to wanting a book regarding history, France, art, decadence, and the power of the imagination.

Therese Humbert, nee Daurignac, was born in 1856 in the southwest of France in a province called Languedoc. Therese, as a child, was wont to create imaginary bloodlines for her family, thinking herself to be more important than her realistic and humble roots. It was her imagination, and later her lovely well formed habit of deception, that changed her from a simple peasant girl to one of the most important women in the high society of France. She even had "dealings" with the artist Henri Matisse. Yet, in quoting Tolkien, all that glittered was truly not gold . . . . 

La Grand Therese is a must read for anyone who thinks that Truth is very much stranger than Fiction!


Oh yeah, how about some Matisse, seeing as how he unknowingly played a "part" in the scandal?

The photos were taken from multiple websites and blogs, purely used to show off Matisse's talent and nothing more. Vive le France!

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