Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Monster Boyfriends, OH MY!

Thanks to my friend, the highly talented author and video game writer Dan Jolley, I got introduced to the series My Boyfriend is a Monster and I'm so glad for the introduction! I just finished reading the book Wrapped Up in You, and I'm already thinking of when I can purchase the other books in the series. Wrapped Up in You tells the story of high schooler Staci Glass and how she feels "cursed" - saying and doing the right thing at the wrong time. Yet when her friend Faith invites her to participate in a seance with three unusual girls, her world gets turned upside down in the form of a young man named "Chuck". Mix in power hungry witches, a history museum, Incan myths, and the lessons of Life and you've got one hell of a story! Complete with great illustration provided by Natalie Nourigat, Wrapped Up in You is a great addition to anyone's biblio collection.


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