Saturday, August 29, 2015

Coffee Thoughts - 29 August 2015

29 August 2015 - Otherlands Coffee Bar, Memphis, Tennessee:

Today is a typical Saturday for the city of Memphis to come out and enjoy all that is representative of the area code 901. As I stand in line in Otherlands and daydream about my day, I notice a man standing several people ahead of me who seems nervous for some reason. He glances everywhere and even stares at me from time to time. I wonder if perhaps he wants to relax and enjoy the day yet doesn't know how to do such a thing. The man immediately ahead of me receives a "happy birthday" from a woman who walks in front of him. I notice that he looks a bit embarrassed to receive such a wish. It's finally my turn to place my order to the nice barista and once I complete it, I wander around yet within hearing distance of the other employees who are chatting away about their lives. Coffee shops are microcosms of the world, providing the good, bad, and ugly within the time spent drinking a cup of coffee. Perhaps even a refill. There is a girl at the bar with bright green hair and several tattoos on her arms and she looks absolutely amazing. Her smile confirms that her life is pretty good. 

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