Monday, August 10, 2015

A Book Is . . . . .

Ever find that ONE book in a used bookstore?

That one book written by an author you'd never heard of, yet when you finally decide to sit down and read the book, hours willingly slip away? That voice, those characters you don't want to forget, and a chance to discover if the author has any other works once you close the book.

Yes, that ONE book.

I've got three in particular that I'd like to share with you, simply for the hope that you will want to read these books and hopefully revel in bliss as I willingly have. I hope you enjoy!

 I discovered this book at the Librairie Bookshop in New Orleans, Louisiana (a great place to spend several hours!) and knew I had to purchase it. A young woman is about to marry a man who comes from a world of upper class privilege. In the time leading up to the marriage, she reflects on her bohemian past filled with regrets and, for the first time, wonders just who she is in Life.

This was another gem I discovered at the Librairie Bookshop in New Orleans, Louisiana. The founder of a feminist magazine is in search of the truth of a famous prostitute from the 1930s and realizes all too soon that the secrets of the dead sometimes need to stay dead.

This was nestled in between books at the Second Editions Bookstore at the main branch of the Memphis Library. A physicist "imagines" the lives of Alan Turing and Kurt Godel somehow intersecting and influencing each other as they both slowly and ultimately face their individual dooms.

I had neither heard of these books nor their authors, yet each one left quite a mark on my literary soul. If you don't believe me, read them yourself and let me know what you think.

A Book is a Book is a Book, or so the Writer claims . . . . 


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