Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ceramic Serenity: Jun Kaneko Exhibit at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens

If there is one thing that you have to do in Memphis this year, you must visit the Dixon Gallery and Gardens' latest exhibit - Jun Kaneko! Although I had heard quite a bit about the exhibit and how much people liked it, I still wanted to see the exhibit for myself. Today proved to be a good day to make the visit and I am quite glad that I did. Kaneko's style is simple yet complex as each of the ceramic statues, set out carefully in the gardens and trails of the Dixon, come together to create quite a moment of serenity and reflection. As I walked by each statue, I felt myself wondering who/what they represented, the emotions of Kaneko as he created them, and if they were part of an unwritten tale that needed to be told. The faces on several of the statues emitted a dreamlike trance, giving off answers to questions that had yet to be asked. The entire exhibit, as I told a friend, was surreal and I felt that at any moment, the statues would come alive and smile at those who stared at them in wonder. 

It is a good feeling to know that Memphis has several art galleries and museums that host such exquisite exhibits and the Jun Kaneko exhibit is such an example. The exhibit runs until 22 November 2015; if you either live in the city or have plans to visit Memphis soon, you can't afford to miss this exhibit. I guarantee that it will change you and your current frame of mind. 

Here are most of the statues presented below. I will admit that I couldn't stop taking their photos in various angles and distances simply because they are too beautiful. I hope you enjoy the photos!

 (NOTE: I kept saying WOW over and over again. I will fully admit that I wanted this one to open its eyes and say konichiwa to me. I would have probably bowed and said ogenki desu ka?)

 (NOTE: This one drew me in and I wanted to whisper my dreams to it)

(NOTE: This one is my favourite - Japanese Alice in Wonderland-esque feeling)

 (NOTE: I couldn't stop staring at these two. I wondered about their conversation and if it ever ended . . . or even began)

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