Monday, June 15, 2015

~ Once Upon a Nightmare ~

Once upon a time, there was a young artist whose had an amazing talent ~ 

 She would visit the art gallery near her home and spend her time drawing, always drawing. 

 Although people loved her work and wanted more, she simply did not. She felt . . . different. Hollow. Empty.

 Yet, she continued to draw, for it was in her blood. The world did not understand that she had a gift. A most terrible gift.

 One sunny day, she visited the art gallery and looked upon the work of those in whom she admired. She wanted so desperately to be like them, not realizing that her talent surpassed them. On that sunny day, the artist decided to visit the basement . . . . 

 And soon, her talent slipped from her grasp and became . . . something else.

 Something darkly seductive.

 The artist still drew, her slender pale fingers tracing over and over . . . . 

  . . . giving more and more breath to her chaotic talent . . . . 

 She felt someone or something tug on her heart and still she drew . . . . 

 Her heart beat furiously in the shadowed hand, causing the masked figure to snicker softly.

 She felt alone in the basement, yet dared not venture upstairs for fear that perhaps, the figures surrounding her would suddenly disappear. If that were to happen, what would become of her?

 Suddenly, the artist heard maniacal laughter coming from behind her. She turned and saw nothing . . . 

  . . only to turn back around and see what she feared most - her utter destruction if she stopped feeding her talent. 

She stared into the cold eyes of true emptiness and realized that she couldn't stop. Not now. Not ever. Endure the madness, she heard in her ear. 

Having enough of the basement, she gathered her supplies and returned upstairs. Just as the last of the whispers trailed after her, she smiled, showing off her now multicoloured eyes. The artist would endure the madness.

The End.

Thank you to the following: the staff of Ions Geek Gallery, Alissa Brielle, James Weakley, Thomas Jenkins, Jada Brisentine and Chanel A. Strowder. Thank you for making my little nightmare come true. I could not have done this without you guys!

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