Saturday, June 27, 2015

Coffee And Rain - short story

Coffee And Rain

Olivia watched the slow swirl of coffee and creamer in her chipped mug as the rain continued to fall outside of her home. After a month of not taking any kind of break from her job, her supervisor decided that she needed to do just that for at least two days. Failure to do so would lead into job burnout and seeking other means of employment. Olivia noted with careful precision how the coffee seemed to hug the hazelnut creamer and dance along like a very slow waltz. Once the two became one, she took her mug into the living room and sat down on the couch that sat across from her large bay windows. The rain fell neatly outside, making sure that all received a nice wash from the previous three days of unbearable heat and unrelenting sunshine.

     Olivia felt her eyes begin to droop; she reached for her mug to take another sip then settled into the couch and wrapped herself in her favourite blanket that hung across the back of the couch. She felt her eyes turn to lead as she allowed the rain to send her asleep . . . only to wake up as she saw a figure suddenly appear across the street and slowly limp its way towards her house. Olivia sat up and watched with fascination as the seemingly dry figure moved with slow purpose and she wondered if it was a neighbour or perhaps a vagabond. As it got closer, she noticed that it wore a long grey coat and grey floppy hat, accentuating its tall and slender frame. She couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman and so remained on the couch to watch this seemingly important moment. As it limped, the rain seemed to fall all around it yet not a drop landed on it, almost as if the figure repelled the droplets.

Suddenly, it stopped several feet away from her window, raising its head to show off its golden eyes that seemed to quickly flash. The pale face seemed too perfect to belong to either a woman or a man. Just then, the figure removed its hat, allowing long grey locks to gently bounce down its back and either side of its face. Olivia continued to watch in fascination as the being then raised its arms to the grey skies and open its mouth. Suddenly, all of the rain changed direction and instead fell into the being's mouth.

 As the being consumed the rain, Olivia noted that the once grey skies slowly turned deep blue with white clouds that seemed to appear out of thin air. The figure showed no sign of stopping the rain; in fact, it seemed to almost enjoy the deluge. When the final drops fell into its mouth, the figure faced Olivia once more then began to move its full powdery grey lips as if to speak. Suddenly, Olivia heard a whispered voice filled with strength and age float through her ears.
    “I hope it wasn't too much for you,” it whispered. Olivia still could not tell if the being was a man or a woman.
    “Too much?”
    “The rain. Was it enough for you? You seemed so . . . dry.”
    “I . . . .yes,” said Olivia as a slow smile spread across her face, “it was enough.” The figure then smiled as it raised a hand to her in farewell then, while placing its hat on its head and causing the hair to disappear once more, turned around and slowly limped away. Olivia watched as the figure grew fainter with every step, turning itself from flesh to wisps of smoke. As it reached the end of her driveway, she could barely make out the form as a gentle wind blew the last tendril of smoke away. Olivia greedily swallowed her now cold coffee then raced outside to the cool and sunny day, just as others walked outside of their homes, glad that the deluge was over. Olivia looked around at her neighbours then lifted her head to the sky and smiled.

   “Thank you,” she whispered as a thin wisp of grey danced along the blue.  

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