Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Mad Ones Photo Project - Second Act of Cameras

8:49 pm.

I'm sitting in my living room while listening to Bryan Ferry croon on my turntable. My mind is still occupied with thoughts of the Land of Enchantment as well as the upcoming three day weekend. I'm also thinking about The Mad Ones; ya know, those crazy hip folks who lived out their lives to the fullest no matter what. In my first installment of The Mad Ones, I focused on a blend of cool jazz vinyl, vintage matchbooks and my steadily growing collection of old cameras. Tonight, I figured I would focus more on the cameras and the spark they still carry in those who can appreciate such simple beauty.

On a side note, thanks to an awesome photography exhibit at the New Mexico Museum of Art located in Santa Fe, I discovered a technique called cyanotype, a technique also used to make blueprints, that is becoming quite the rage again. Of course you do realize that I will be trying it out very soon.  In fact, here is a sample of cyanotype:

So, without further ado, may I present to you the second act of The Mad Ones.

Oh yes, all of the black and white photos below are also for sale in 8 1/2 x 11 and 11 x 17. Just thought I would throw that out there. If you are interested in purchasing a print, please send a message to artgirl74@gmail.com and let's converse.

I truly do have a weakness for cameras. (grin)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Land of Enchantment Part One

Friday night and I am in my hotel room, downloading all my photos and watching another drama on Telemundo. I still don't know what they're saying, but one woman was very pissed off at some guy. I'm still full from my lunch at Tia Sophia's in Santa Fe and I'm beyond tired yet I couldn't be happier. Tonight marks my second day in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico.

My journey began with flying in yesterday to Albuquerque and, after flirting with the rental car guy (of which I have a bad habit of doing!), I set off for Old Town. Old Town is basically a nice little square of shops, restaurants and other areas of interest like the Rattlesnake Museum. If you go to the museum, you do receive a Certificate of Bravery, of which I was proud to display. However, as much I enjoyed the museum, I was blown away by the architecture. I had heard that their buildings were in a pueblo style. However, hearing about it and actually seeing it are two different things, and soon my cameras were going hard at work. Albuquerque, or ABQ, is a city that takes pride in their history and culture, for it is apparent everywhere. The food, the music, the city art. Everything. One thing that I did learn is that time and matters that would cause stress in other cities and states is not the case here. People here, for the most part, live within a different set of time and priorities. Actually, it's quite nice.

Today began with an awesome blueberry pancake breakfast at Central Grill and Coffee House, of which was featured in the show Breaking Bad. The blueberries were huge, the pancakes tasted like cake, and soon I was off to Santa Fe, also known as the City Different. Before I go into that adventure, let me just say for the record that the speed limit outside of the cities is 75. Add a good mix of music and . . . . Kimberly is happy. 

Anyway, back to Santa Fe!

As much as I wanted to pull off on the side of the highway and take photos, I changed my mind and continued on to Santa Fe. After all, I had a date with an artist named Georgia! When I arrived in the City Different, the first thing I noticed were the art galleries. The many, many art galleries. From jewelry to metals to fine paintings to photography, Santa Fe has something for everyone's taste. As I parked my car and walked around, I began to see just why the arts are very important to the city. Art is the blood of Santa Fe. The city and its people thrive on it and in turn, create more art. I stepped into Collected Works Bookstore and felt the peace and creativity flow from the walls and soon, I had a copy of The Monkey Wrench Gang, of which I had wanted to read for a long time, and a book on the history of tortillas. Yes, I did purchase that and so far, it's actually quite good. 

I had thought that the rain was going to destroy my day, yet the sun soon chased away the clouds, giving me a nice walk to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. As I stated in a Facebook post, she is one of my sources of inspiration so I had to pay a visit and see her work up close. Not only did they have her work on display but also her tools, of which I would have done anything to touch for at least five seconds. She was, in short, a remarkable woman.

I then made my way through the city and found myself saying, "Holy sh . . ." a lot with regards to the numerous galleries and architecture, even as the rain kept coming and going. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi was too much for words. I forgot to go inside because I was busy taking photos. I then made my way to the New Mexico Museum of Art and allowed my breath to be taken away again. More romps through galleries, including the Monroe Gallery that housed over 50 different photographers including an incredible exhibit of the works of Margaret Bourke-White. 

After my romp, I then drove to finally visit a gallery that I had been following for quite some time - Matthews Gallery. I initially had heard of them when they posted an article about the death of artist Alfred Morang. The story moved me so much that I had to reply to them. Afterwards, I followed their Facebook posts and email newsletters and knew that if I ever made my way to New Mexico that I had to visit the gallery. And so I did. Nice people, wonderful gallery and I got to see a piece by Morang. I then left their gallery and walked up and down Canyon Road and the EVEN more art galleries!

Now that I am back in my hotel room, I am still in amazement as to this state. New Mexico is in a world of its own and they are proud of it. No wonder so many people move here. This is a place filled with colours, art, food, culture, history, and sacred nature. Although I have seen mountains before, the mountains of New Mexico are sacred, almost alive. They speak a language that is carried through the winds and I think I understand them.

In any case, I have one more day here and I have no idea what I'll do. But, whatever I do, it will be filled with enchantment. Now, back to Telemundo!

Thanks for reading, ya'll.