Friday, April 17, 2015

Vampires, Trolls and Faeries . . . OH MY!

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm terrible when it comes to reading books in a series in a timely manner. However, sometimes, the wait is worth it. Especially when you're dealing with two vampires that are not your average vampires. My friend, the talented author John G. Hartness, wow'ed me with his book, Hard Day's Knight, in which I was introduced to geeky yet still kick ass vampires Jimmy Black and Greg Knightwood. After literally devouring the first book, I knew I had to continue reading the series, of which took me about a year or so to do, mostly because I wanted to buy them from John himself.

Like I said before - the wait is worth it!

Back in Black, the second in the Black Knight Chronicles, sees the return of Jimmy and Greg as they investigate a brutal attack on the nephew of Detective Sabrina Law, who is also Jimmy's "possibly . . yeah, a really good chance" love interest. However, all is not what it appears to be as the trio must make a visit to Faerie, fight trolls in cage matches and make allies in the most unlikely of sources. Thanks to Hartness, I now know that troll blood looks and smells like. Ewww. Hartness is a master of storytelling - he had already won me over with his Bubba the Monster Hunter stories (you NEED to read them!) - and the gift is still very apparent with the Black Knight Chronicles. His words are direct with no fluff that still weave a tale that makes you feel as though you are receiving every punch to the head, every blow to the gut and every drop of blood savoured from the neck of a willing victim.

The Charlotte vampires are BACK! Thank you, John!


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