Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Mad Ones Photo Project: First Act

Let's face it: vintage is cool.

Since my granddad raised me on a steady diet of jazz music, I grew up to appreciate the cooler things in life: vinyl, jazz music, black and white photography and just a general sense of hipness. After my granddad died several years ago, I steadily inherited his jazz vinyl collection with the dream of hosting a party where everyone would be required to wear black and listen to my granddad's records. However, it wasn't until today that, while visiting my grandma, I got the most wonderful idea. I asked her several questions and she said yes and soon, I had a box with five vintage cameras and a large plastic bag of matchbooks. With the combination of my jazz vinyl, a new photo project was born: The Mad Ones.

What exactly do I mean by The Mad Ones? I'm glad you asked. Jack Kerouac (Ti Jean), in his book On The Road, talked about the mad ones: those who lived freely and wildly. Those who didn't give a damn. The Mad Ones is also a slight hint at one of my favourite shows, Mad Men, and the world it represented, both good and bad. The Mad Ones, in my world today, represent a sense of coolness, long but not forgotten styles and tastes, with a dash of gritty noir-eqsue that made it both dangerous and intoxicating to witness and partake.

So, I will posting new and updated photos to not only my blog but also my other social media profiles and I hope that those who view my work will want to join in. The photos will be a mixture of cameras, matchbooks, vinyl and maybe other things just for fun.

Without further ado, may I present to you The Mad Ones Photo Project: First Act.

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