Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Hands of Art Photo Project RETURNS

Well, after taking a break to work on other matters, dealing with the crazy winter weather, celebrating my 41st birthday and handling that thing called LIFE, I am happy to announce that I have returned to The Hands of Art Photo Project! This time, I am more than ready to show the spotlight on someone who is quite the teacher, writer, animal lover and pet psychic - Missa Dixon! Missa is the author of several awesome Steampunk stories in the Dreams of Steam series, as well as the author of the story A Twist of Fate in the urban fantasy anthology Realms of Imagination. Her interests are varied and it shows in her energetic personality; be sure to look for her at a con!

May I present to you, The Hands of Art Photo Project - Missa Dixon.

Missa is the co-author of the book, Interviews From the Ark, a collection of true stories as told from the animal's point of view. Missa is a pet psychic who will tell you the real deal when it comes to the thoughts of your cat, dog or even rooster.

Although this has nothing to do with her creative hands, this tattoo does prove that she is filled with creativity and a colourful spirit.

Missa is quite the capable woman when it comes to being a pet psychic, although I wonder what a Squirrel of Mass Distraction thinks about when it is not at a convention . . . . . 

Another of Missa's tattoos - love this one since I am an amateur lepidopterist!

What is the Plot Bunny thinking of? Is it hungry, sad, or maybe just . . . stuffed?

The small yet sturdy source of her role as a school teacher. Make no mistake, Missa is a woman prepared for anything!

Thank you, Missa!

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