Sunday, March 8, 2015

Princess With an Attitude!

Now that the snow and ice has finally melted with a lovely threat of Spring on the way, we can breathe a sigh of relief. It's also time for another book review! This time, I'm making the trek to the planet Yord as I watch a "princess" kick some serious butt and kill a lot of people.

A lot of people.

Michael D'Ambrosio's book Princess Pain needs to have a counter for every time someone dies. I bet if I shook the book hard enough, blood really would come out. Yet, the killing is all part of the bleak planet Yord as well as the life of hard-ass courier Marina. She is a tough and cold woman who is also quite beautiful; yet this beauty can be quite deadly as she gives the reader a sample of her "abilities" within the first couple of pages. That was enough of a hook for me to continue reading the book and eventually finish it in the same day.

Princess Pain is about a young woman who has walked away from her former life to live one that she does not care for yet barely lives it anyway, thanks to much consumed whiskey and adrenaline shots. She refuses to feel any kind of emotion and especially refuses to think about her past that involved her being abandoned by her parents when she was a child. Yet, as she unwillingly spends more time on Yord, she comes to begrudgingly realize that there was more to her past than she realized, leading to events that will ultimately change the planet and more importantly, herself. From page one, we are strapped into a world filled with treachery, killing, survival, really cool dreadlocks (loved them, Michael!), flash grenades and women who fight harder than men! Princess Pain is a good mix of science fiction, action, suspense and a little humor, thanks to D'Ambrosio's talent as a writer who makes you FEEL every knife wound, every pulling of the entrails, every moment of betrayal and even every kiss freely shared.

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