Friday, March 6, 2015

Blood and bones. . . if you like that kind of thing!


The second day of being in my apartment thanks to Winter Storm Thor and it has been quite productive. Mopping the floors, editing my new book Open A and now working on a new book review! This time, I'm happy to review the action packed book published through Pro Se PressThe Pulptress vs. The Bone Queen: Of Blood and Bone by my friend and talented author, Andrea Judy!

Once a priestess to a Death Goddess, The Bone Queen is now consumed with her obsessions of Death and power. After arriving in Georgia, she quickly makes her presence known with scores of the undead suddenly coming to life and wreaking havoc! Time to call The Pulptress, sworn fighter of evil as well as the defender of justice and all that is right in the world. Of Blood and Bone brings the two women together once more in a final battle that will leave only one of them standing as victor!

Andrea Judy shows her mad skills as a talented and prolific author as the characters of The Pulptress, The Bone Queen, Jackson, the no-nonsense coroner, and The Pulptress' "unusual" assistant Aramis come "alive" in the book. When I finished reading the book, I immediately told Judy that I was enamored of Aramis even with his "condition"! Although the book is slender in size, it is packed to the gills with action, mystery, great fight scenes and awesome characters that you'll remember for a long time. Welcome to the world of New Pulp!

I highly recommend getting a copy of Of Blood and Bone - you will not regret it!


PS - the tea in the photo is Bengal Spice herbal tea by Celestial Seasonings - great on a cold day with a good book!

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