Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review - Rhyming Life and Death by Amos Oz

I think I am on a kick. The kick known as "actually make time to read and discover really cool books".

Since making the time both in the morning and evening to read, I have had some very pleasant surprises and have added more authors to my list for when I make the trip to the library or bookstore. Such was the case with Amos Oz and his book Rhyming Life and Death.

The story is simple: an unnamed author spends eight hours after a literary event wandering the streets of Tel Aviv while creating stories of everyone he meets. From a waitress in whom he fancies a crush on, to the shy professional reader who reads his work at the event, to even various members of the audience who attended the event: no one is safe from the mind of an author who has nothing better to do. He catches a glimpse of a face or a piece of clothing and from there weaves a story so believable that at times I wondered if even the unnamed author knew the difference.

This book marked my initial dive into the world of author Amos Oz and what an introduction. Although the book was short, it was a rather fanciful story that kept my attention from the beginning to the end when the unnamed author finally succumbs to sleep the next day. We walk with him, smoke his cigarettes, admire the women he admires and swelters in the heat of the Tel Aviv night. Oz's writing is carefully paced yet does not laden the readers down. He entices and keeps the pace well; even the single clumsy sex scene in the book was written in such a way to expose and reveal the innermost secrets of the two involved, yet still entice the reader to want to turn the page. All in all, a great slim novel to read in an afternoon with a cup of tea.


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