Monday, October 13, 2014

The Living Tarot Photo Shoot - The Temperance Card

It's Columbus Day, and I'm off from my corporate job. I've had an excellent day of walking through the Memphis Zoo and the Library to pick up several books:

 Spooky looking chick. 

 Apparently, David Bowie drops everything whenever this author writes a new book ~ that's enough for me.

The last one I had to check out purely for the title!

In any case, I am home and ready to show off the next Living Tarot "card"! This time, let's make a visit to Temperance. According to the Tarot, Temperance represents: balance; moderation; patience; purpose; meaning. I think Lori did a fantastic job in portraying such descriptions, even with her sunglasses.

May I present to you The Living Tarot ~ Temperance!

Temperance from The Dark Angels Tarot deck ~ recently purchased in New Orleans. The artwork on the cards is stunning, as you can see.

 Lori Osif as Temperance.

 There is balance in all things . . . 

 To be Patient is to be Cool ~

 Thank you, Lori! I love your expression in this one, by the way. 

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