Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review - The Vine: An Urban Legend by Michael Williams

Yes, I will freely admit that I was and still am one of those nerds that totally got into Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. I love the stories of the betrayals, the marriages, the deaths and the gods that supposedly watched over it all and laughed. I was especially fond of the Greek theatre and all that it had to offer; I was a high school girl who spent most of her time reading thick books and asking questions that caused the nuns at my school to repeatedly tell me to "ask the priests instead".

(photo taken at the Brooks Museum of Art - 2014)

So I knew, then, that I was going to love my friend's, the very talented author Michael Williams, book The Vine: An Urban Legend simply because it is a Greek tragedy. This amazingly well written book tells the story of Stephen Thorne and his attempt to put on the play The Bacchae by Euripides. However, as the play begins to assemble itself in the form of players, sets and costumes, it has suddenly caused a group of very interesting women to take note in their dealings.

A group of women known as the Muses . . . .

This was the first book I'd ever read by Williams and what a way to be introduced to his work; his style of writing is a carefully mixed blend of literary observances with street lingo and archaic words that still hold meaning today. Everyone has a voice that rings quite differently yet blends well into a story that only a few could ever write. And Michael Williams has done that.

One of my favourite lines in the book caused me to read it at least twice before moving to the next page, as spoken by the Muse Thalia ~

"I remember how his dark skin opened like blossoms."

This is a book filled with madness, murder, kidnapping, sex, revelations, dreams and uncovered truths with human beings who are nothing more than playthings for those who have lived through the ages with nary a glance.

The Vine: An Urban Legend is a book that I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys something that makes them think, laugh and ponder. In fact, click HERE for details on how to order your copy through Blackwyrm Publishing!


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