Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book Review - Diary of a Yuppie by Louis Auchincloss

Let me just say for the record that I had to check out the book Diary of a Yuppie by Louis Auchincloss simply for the title. Being a Generation Xer who spent most of her childhood in the 80s, I remember hearing about yuppies and their world that seemed to be so radically different than the one I lived in. And yet, as I flew through the slender book, I realized that their world was just the same as mine and many others, complete with problems, sex, greed and what it means to be a human.

Diary of a Yuppie is the story of New York City attorney Robert Service and his experiences that he writes down in his journal. His wife, Alice, is his partner and the love of his life and his two daughters are his pride and joy. Everything seems to be quite perfect for Mr. Service until, as we peer over his shoulder during his rants in his journal, that all is not right in his world. Yet, even with every hurdle he encounters, Bob rises to the occasion like an olive in a martini and refuses to give in. He is, in the truest sense of the word, a yuppie, one who is driven to do whatever it takes to be the best at everything as he looks good while doing it. He even quotes lines from literature just to impress at the right time.

As I read Mr. Service's words in his journal, I couldn't help but wonder if he was ever "off"; that is, if he ever just sat down and did nothing. Did he ever have a thought that was not related to his job, his love life, his advances in the world? Perhaps there was another Robert Service that we did not see, one who was just a normal man who had normal thoughts. In any case, Diary of a Yuppie will delight and entertain even the most casual of readers, plus give an incredible insight into the world of a person who spends too much time thinking of being the best as the world crumbles around him. This was (I think) my first book by Auchincloss and I know I will read more of his work.


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