Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Hands of Art Photo Project - Robert J. Krog

It's a lovely night in Memphis and I am listening to some awesome Turkish music while I contemplate if I want iced tea mixed with blueberry juice. I'm also working on the next Hands of Art "subject" - Robert J. Krog!

I've known Robert since high school and I will say that he has always been a very nice and kind soul. Lately however, I will add another description - awesome writer! Although I have only read his stories for Dark Oak Press' Dreams of Steam anthologies, those stories are more than enough to cement him as a very talented writer, one whose words will make you feel as though you are right there with him. Not only does he write Steampunk well, but he also works quite nicely with werewolves  - Luna's Children: Full Moon Mayhem!

So, without further ado, may I present to you The Hands of Art - Robert J. Krog!

 Robert is the author of the work A Bag Full of Eyes.

 He is also the Editor of the pirate anthology A Tall Ship, A Star, And Plunder - Dark Oak Press

 The Stone Maiden and Other Tales will be re-released as a Dark Oak Press title in the very near future - you can still, however, grab a copy at a convention in which Robert is a guest! He'll even sign it for you!

Thank you, Robert! Keep writing those awesome stories!

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