Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Hands of Art - Alexander S. Brown

It's a lovely Sunday afternoon and I have just put in the mini series I, Claudius. Go Decadent Rome!

It's also time for another Hands of Art "subject"! This time, I would like to focus on one of the strangest and darkest authors I have ever known in my life. He is also one of my dearest friends and an amazing author of the macabre and the grotesque. I am talking about author Alexander S. Brown.

I met Alex several years ago at a comic book expo in Jackson, Mississippi and decided to purchase his book Traumatized. The book, composed of short stories, scared me so badly that when I saw him next, I had to inform him that his book scared the Goth Librarian - it is not easy to scare me, considering the stuff I write, unless if you write a story about my one big phobia. Alex was more than delighted about what I had told him and years later, he remains a dear friend and fellow author.

May I present to you The Hands of Art - Alexander S. Brown.

 Alex is author of the werewolf novel Syrenthia Falls - available through Dark Oak Press. Although I have not read it yet, I know it will give me nightmares and I will love it!

Alex is one of the best author guests at conventions; if you see his name listed at a con, go to one of his panels and then talk with him afterwards; you will not regret it!

Alex is always writing, scheming and plotting: his mind works like mine - always on the move!

 Support your local authors and READ their books!

 The book that started it all - spooky.
 The new edition is available through ProSe Press. Order your copy today!

 Amen to that. 

Thank you, Alex! See you soon!

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Traumatized Alexander S. Brown said...

Thanks so much for this!
Love you, my sick twin.