Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Multicoloured Blood of the Arts

I'm home, listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and still glowing from being a part of the opening reception of Anyway Anyhow, the latest exhibit at Crosstown ArtsAs I walked through the gallery admiring the pieces by Tim Kerr, Bruce Webb, John Henry Toney, Butch Anthony and Timmy Lampinen, I wanted to scream with laughter; the place was flooded with people all mingling, talking and admiring the pieces that hung on the walls while music played in the background as an accompaniment to the flowing beer and wine. One could also purchase tickets for Gonerfest, one of the many music festivals in Memphis that is well supported by locals and others from around the world.

My thoughts and body ran high with energy that flowed between everyone tonight; it was impossible to be in a bad mood and walk around the gallery. It is always a good thing to see Memphians, or anyone living in their cities for that matter, support the local arts. It still amazes me whenever someone tells me that there is nothing to do in Memphis; I can only nod and smile while on the inside I wonder if they are talking about the same Memphis that I live in. Thanks to people who give a damn about this city, Memphis is getting that awesome mojo back and it shows. The arts are alive and well in Memphis; anything you want is here.

(artist Tim Kerr signing my book!)

Memphis is home to several art museums - Memphis Brooks Museum of Art and the Dixon Gallery and Gardens - plus many galleries and even a full museum dedicated to metalworking!

Of course, we are known for our music - the list is too long to name!

Anyway, you get the idea.

As I walked through the gallery a second time, a thought crossed my mind - it still makes me do a double take when people think that a person who makes a living in the arts is not really "working". In my years of being an author and editor, I have met some very talented people in all realms of the arts: photographers, artists, writers, film makers, dancers, musicians and so on. They believe in what they do and it shows. Their multicoloured blood flows strong and thick.

Support your local artists - they are one of the reasons why there is beauty in the world.

By the way, Tim Kerr told me why all of his pieces have "your name here" located on the bottom. According to him, that is where your name should be - get out there and make your own art, no matter what form it takes.

Truer words ne'er spoken.

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