Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Living Tarot Photo Shoot - The Death Card (Female)

7:20 pm - Memphis, Tennessee. My apartment ~

So, here I am at my computer listening to Blue Stahli and working on the next Tarot "card". This time, I figured I would show the female Death card, as portrayed by my friend Jennifer.

When people think of the Death card, they immediately get the idea that it is a horrible and finite card to have show up in a reading. However, that is quite untrue. According to the Tarot, the Death card signifies change; metamorphosis; end of ways. Simply stated, it means that all things will come to an end, only to be reborn as something else. A change is coming!

So, without further ado, The Death Card of a female persuasion!

 The Death Card - Deviant Moon Tarot. Since this was the only female version of the card in my decks, I figured I would save the others for the male Death.

May I present to you - The Living Tarot: The Death card (female)

Jennifer Absher as Death (female)

 Shrouded in skull lace, Death calms us as we prepare for the change.

 Death is beautiful to behold.

Thank you, Jennifer, for your lovely portrayal of Death!

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