Sunday, August 3, 2014

Green Earrings - Flash Experiment

 She wore the green earrings because she said they made her feel happier. They were a reminder of better days, the days when she actually spoke to her family in loving tones rather than curt one-word answers of recent. Deep down she wanted to forgive and move on, but she also held herself back as well. She was her own worst enemy when it came to matters regarding her emotions. She always blamed it on her traumatic family experiences, but the truth was that she was scared. None of her friends knew the source of her behaviour except for me; that was why I knew the green earrings would work. My mother gave them to me when she thought I was ready, although when I took them from her, I knew that I was not. In my mind, I was simply going through the motions, appeasing everyone else but me. When I told her the story behind the surprise gift, she merely sighed while her hand lazily reached out for them. I should have known better but in the end I had done my part.  

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