Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WANDERLUST - Iardin, The Eater of Dreams: Introduction

The Indigo Palace slowly spun on its axle, giving the solitary inhabitant a good view of the Threshold below. He placed his hands against the rim of the low wall and peered down with narrowed eyes, hoping to see something that would catch his interest. People scuttled here and there without a care in the world. They lived without having threats to their lives and they blissfully enjoyed every minute of it. Only the solitary figure high above them knew that there was more, much more to worry about. There were things that could suck a man's soul straight from his body and leave the quickly rotting husk on the floor without a second thought. Monsters did exist and they usually took the form of everyone else.

"Monsters like me," said the figure to himself then grinned. Iardin, The Eater of Dreams, left his perch and sauntered back inside of the palace. As he walked down the main marble hallway that cooled his bare feet, he thought of her and if she fared well with his latest request. As long as he had known her, Zaira was known to live up to her word, no matter how dangerous or complex the request would be. That was why he sought only her for his requests; she did not ask questions and did not try to befriend him. She was a Chronicler and nothing more. He reached his bedroom, the final room on the right of the main hallway, and stopped in the doorway. Small puffs of clouds drifted lazily in the room as they tried to form shapes. Some were able to maintain various solid forms while others drifted mindlessly, giving enough energy to change their colour.

"Here now, my pretties," he whispered as one landed on his shoulder. He nuzzled the small cloud and it giggled like a little girl. Ah yes, he thought as he now cradled the cloud in his long slender fingers. "Yes, I remember you. I remember you well. Just a child of six who enjoyed eating strawberries freshly picked from the garden behind your family's home." The cloud barely moved in his hands as he cupped it and brought it closer to his face. "You were brought here, like so many of the others, because you no longer had a home. She who dreamt of you, she who loved you once upon a time, suddenly cast you out. Or perhaps you were stolen from her when she needed you the most. I forget." Iardin sniffed the cloud, feeling his head fill with images of strawberries, sun filled days and a young girl who loved to laugh. Then, he opened his suddenly wide mouth and threw the dream in. As it faintly screamed down his throat, Iardin closed his eyes and took the dream into his own. Now he ran through the garden, eating sun kissed strawberries. Now he saw the girl, lovely to behold with large purple eyes and hair the colour of robin's eggs. The dream dissolved into his body, adding its lowly energy to his immortal form.

He opened his eyes.

Where was Zaira?

(copyright 2014 Kimberly B. Richardson)

(artwork by Jessica Cox) 

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