Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Search for Cornelius Dex

My short story, Cornelius Dex, is about a woman who accidentally finds a jazz loving dragon in the middle of a state park. It is one of the 14 truly awesome tales in the Dark Oak Press anthology titled Realms of Imagination and it was a delight to write. In the story, Iris drives to Blackstone Lake Park to enjoy a simple day of hiking and Nature, of which changed dramatically when she discovered a cave deep within the forest.

Blackstone Lake Park was actually based on Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, located only 30 minutes away from Memphis. The park offers opportunities to hike, bike, go boating, camp and just enjoy the sights of Nature all around. As much as I love the park, I don't get to visit it too often, yet today I felt that a visit was sorely needed. Besides, I thought as I drove to the park, perhaps I would find Cornelius Dex and ask him if he preferred Wayne Shorter to Miles Davis.

The drive to the park was beautiful, as always, and I lowered my windows to feel the cool breezes that faintly smelled of the mimosas that grew tall and wide on either side of the road. When I saw the entrance sign to the park, I no longer heard the sounds of the city. I was now completely enveloped in green.

As I drove through the winding roads, I kept glancing on either side of Malachi, wondering if perhaps I would see a flash of a spiked tail, or maybe notice two very large reddish brown eyes staring at me through the thickets of green. I could only hope, so I drove on:

Perhaps Cornelius Dex used parts of the tree as toothpicks?

~Elmer Fudd Warning~
No Dragon Hunting in these parts

~Sylvan Drive~
Would the green on either side camouflage such a large creature as a dragon?

~Strange Skies~
Cornelius Dex looks at that sky and wonders just how old he truly is.

~Mississippi View~
Did dragons bathe in the river at night, when the chance of being seen was limited?

A tree got in the way of his anger.

~Neither Black Nor White~
A dragon sized cavity, perhaps?

~Sleeping Druids~
He knew his Druid friends were still asleep in the forms of trees, awaiting the return of True Magick.

Dead tendrils lay across his large reptilian body as he slept in the shadowed sun, giving him cover from prying eyes.

Soon, the time crept up on me and I knew I had to leave. Although I never saw Cornelius Dex or any other dragon for that matter, I waved at him through the green and hoped that he was well. I also hoped that maybe one day, our paths would cross and I could finally ask him just how many records he owned.

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