Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Living Tarot Photo Shoot - JUSTICE

I'm sitting at my desk, listening to Type O Negative while realizing that it's time for another of The Living Tarot Photo Shoot "subjects" - Justice.

Let me first say that my friend Jada Brisentine was more than a trooper during this photo shoot - not only did she look absolutely lovely that day, but she also portrayed at least five cards! Of course, since Jada is an attorney, her portrayal of the Justice card was quite fitting. Thank you, Jada!

According to the Tarot, the Justice card means balance; strong character; fairness.

The Gothic Tarot

The Halloween Tarot

The Deviant Moon Tarot

May I present to you - The Living Tarot: JUSTICE

 Jada Brisentine as Justice

 Justice is Blind.

 And yet, I wonder what She can really See?

Thank you, Jada, for being Justice!

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