Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Living Tarot Photo Shoot - The Fool

I have always been interested in the strange and unusual; if I could research it, read it, taste it, see it or anything else, I was interested in it. Such was the case with the Tarot; the deck has always fascinated me and I found it to be filled with mystery, hope, magick and above all else - creativity. 

Several weeks ago, while sitting in my living room and staring at my decks, I wondered if anyone had ever tried to create a "living" Tarot and if so, what it would look like. So, I decided to create the project and throw myself in, no matter what.

The first photo shoot was in Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee. Although I had posted the event on Facebook, I was not sure just how many people would actually show up. Well, the number that did show up was astounding and I was grateful to see each and every one of their faces. Two and a half hours later, I had taken over 800 photographs and I buzzed beyond comprehension. 

Rather than just show all of the photos, I was advised by my friend, and also The Devil card, Allan Gilbreath, to present them one blog post at a time. 

So, without further ado, may I present to you The Living Tarot!

Let's begin this strange trip with THE FOOL. According to the Tarot, The Fool represents the beginning of a journey; innocent or young person; folly; acting without thought. 

 Aquarian Tarot

 Halloween Tarot

 The Gothic Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot

And now, The Living Tarot's THE FOOL ~

 Richard Plemons as The Fool.

 The Fool, forever the naive person.

 Death watches over The Fool.

 The Fool and the Two of Swords.

The Fool and the Crew!

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