Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Hands of Art Project - Diane Zelickman

I have always had a fondness for the violin. Any time that I listen to a classical piece, my ears will always pick out the violins and focus on them heavily. After years of admiration and fascination, I decided to try to learn how to play the violin. My first teacher was Lenore McIntyre, a fiery redhead from Canada who was also a violinist (Violin II) with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. During our lessons, she listened to me screech out Twinkle Twinkle on my violin and smile whenever I actually hit the right note. Several months later, she moved to Little Rock and I stopped practicing for several years.

Thus it was Lenore who later introduced me to my second teacher, Diane Zelickman, who was also another violinist (Violin I, Assistant Principal) for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Diane proved to be another patient teacher and she always made me feel as though I could do well with my violin, no matter how many bad notes I hit.

So, it seemed only fitting that my next Hands of Art photo shoot would be of my sometimes current teacher, Diane. Although I have stopped taking lessons again due to lack of time, the desire to play still burns inside of me, so much so that my upcoming novel, Open A, is about a decadent violinist who lives in Memphis and the darkness that constantly surrounds his life.

I present to you The Hands of Art -  Diane Zelickman:

Her violin makes the smoothest sounds and her hands work like magic across the strings. 

An Instrument of Beauty.

In thanks to Lenore and Diane, my love of the violin has grown tremendously. So, I figured I would share other photographs in honour of my two favourite violinists who are also dear friends:

 This was my first violin when I had Lenore as my teacher - I named it Oberon.

 This is my current violin - I named it Proust.

This is the cover photograph for my upcoming novel, Open A, as created by photographer David Lee Black. Sensual and intriguing.

Thank you, Diane, for your Hands of Art. I promise I will return to my lessons VERY soon!

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