Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Hands of Art Photo Project - Jason Negen

Now that my Massachusetts vacation is behind me, it's time to return to The Hands of Art Photo Project. This latest "subject" is a friend that I just met this year and I am beyond amazed at his various forms of creativity. Jason Negen (Dutch for the number 9) is not only an accomplished comic book artist, but he is also a highly talented guitar player and songwriter as well as a lover of Japanese anime, movies and Tom Waits! When I went to his home to do the photo shoot, he played on his guitars several pieces that he had written years ago and I found myself staring at his hands like a schoolgirl the entire time. After we completed the shoot and a tour of his studio complete with comic books, Japanese anime DVDs and WIPs, we sat in his living room and talked about books we've read and wanted to read, films and everything else under the sun for several hours. Not only is he an extremely talented man but also a delight to be around. He also gave me a graphic novel and a comic book that he worked on at his job - even signed it!

So, may I present to you The Hands of Art -  Jason Negen.

I loved asking Jason questions about the comic book process - there is so much to making a comic book. Comic book artists, you have my utmost respect for what you do! 

His hands moved with precision as he played his guitars for me. I couldn't stop staring at his hands and the music that flowed was just too cool for words.

I made sure that I did not bump into him as he worked on this piece. 

Jason's 12 string guitar.

Thank you, Jason, for your Hands of Art!

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