Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flash Photo Story: Lulu Mae - Queen of the Con!

Now, Lulu Mae Butterchurner was not the kind of woman that would dare to do the unusual; in fact, the only unusual thing she did in her life was switch from grape jelly to (gasp!) strawberry preserves for her homemade biscuits in the morning. Her life was basically the same: get up, make breakfast, clean the house, call her parents, go shopping, cook dinner for her always tired husband, watch TV then fall asleep next to the snoring mound that would actually acknowledge her existence once a month. She lived for the ordinary and actually enjoyed it, for it was all that she knew. However, it was a nice and quiet Saturday that, while driving to the local supermarket for groceries, that she noticed that the only hotel in town seemed to have quite a full parking lot. Normally, the hotel would receive visitors on a regular basis since the town named Blue Cloud, smack in the middle of nowhere, was also the home of the world's largest pig named Samson. That pig had outlived five owners and did not seem to want to die but rather eat as much as possible and rest in its own puddle of mud while people from all over the world took its photograph. Normally, the Brown Hotel would receive its normal visitors for Samson, yet today the air surrounding the area seemed different.

Normally, Lulu Mae would have just drove on by such nonsense and made her way to her next normal destination, yet a spark of curiosity grew inside of her; she had to find out just what was going on over there. So, she pulled into the turn lane and made her way to the parking lot, where she gasped as two men dressed in strange white armor walked in front of her car. She watched with bulging eyes as they made their way into the hotel, only to be followed by a woman with bright purple hair and large fairy wings strapped to her black clothing. Lulu Mae Butterchurner was beyond shocked; that woman had fairy wings! On her clothing! Normally, she would have turned around and sped away from such freaks, yet the curious spark nudged just a little bit harder. So, she carefully pulled into one of the parking spots then made her way inside the hotel. As soon as she set foot inside, she was immediately greeted by a woman with green skin wearing a bikini and a large smile on her face, asking her if she had her badge yet. When Lulu Mae asked her what she needed a badge for, the woman grinned wider and informed her of the science fiction convention going on in the hotel; only people with badges could get inside the con. Lulu Mae nervously looked around as more and more strange looking people walked by her and showed off their badges. When Lulu Mae asked how much it was to get in, the green skinned woman said five dollars.

Normally, Lulu Mae would have turned heel and ran off from such nonsense. However, the curious spark nudged her again and soon, she found herself pulling out a five dollar bill from her floral purse and handing it to the woman. Five minutes later, Lulu Mae wore a bright blue badge with her name on it as she wandered through the throng of people with a very confused look on her face. As she looked around, she noticed that there were people of all ages and races mingling with each other, dressed in costumes or no, and they all seemed to have a good time. A good time, she thought as she made her way into the dealer's room. A good time is something I've not had in a long time. The dealer's room welcomed her with all sorts of books, clothing, costumes, weapons and anything else that she was not accustomed to and her still wide eyes took it all in. Corsets, wooden drinking goblets, even . . . gasp! Was that a whip? Lulu Mae wanted to blush and yet found herself smiling instead. Suddenly, something very old and dusty began to stir inside of her, something she hadn't felt since she was a child. It was her imagination, something she played with freely before she had responsibilities that were not necessary and were actually redundant. Lulu Mae touched her smiling face then noticed a dealer with several futuristic helmets for sale. She made her way over to the table, now with determination in her eyes.

An hour later, Lulu Mae Butterchurner, now dressed in jeans and her just purchased gold and black helmet, danced through the dealer's room without a care in the world. She had returned to her world of the fantastic, the silly and the wonderful.

She was now Lulu Mae, Queen of the CON!

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